2010-03-11 09:28:51 by aerialslayer

Just quick thank you to 7swords for scouting me on the art portal. Took awhile but I finally got scouted. Thanks a ton :D


2010-02-24 09:43:20 by aerialslayer

Hey guys,

So I am now on placement for the next 4 months, started in January. I am currently working for a company named "Dome Productions." Right now I am currently working on their logo and making it 3D, then after that I will be working on their interface for their new website. When the logo is completed I might post them on here and see what you all think :) Anyway back to work.


Art Portal!

2009-06-20 00:05:32 by aerialslayer

Yeah so I come to NG today for my daily browsing and I see the Art portal. That is a really cool idea. I love seeing the artwork of other people, really exciting stuff. I hope to see some more great artworks out there. I also just submitted one and I hope it gets scouted :D, but if it doesn't here it is...

Art Portal!

NEw things

2009-05-21 17:32:21 by aerialslayer

So I have been learning a few things here and there. But not enough I need something to do. I would really like to start a side project with other artists so I could maybe learn how to lots of things in flash. If anyone is interested let me know. This would be cool.


2008-09-23 12:56:34 by aerialslayer

So I am now learning flash in Multimedia. I can't wait to see what I learn. That also means I will be making flash submissions soon :D Stay tuned to see what I will post :)